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About us

Beginning in 1956, Lamson Paragon Central Africa is first registered in the country bringing their propriety technology of carbon paper. 1979, Enterprise Press is incorporated and experiences tremendous growth in the sheet fed printing area. In a few short years, became the largest commercial security printing company in Zimbabwe. In 1980, Lamson paragon Central Africa changes it's name to Moore Paragon Central Africa and become the largest continuous form printed in the country. Moving into 1995, Moore Paragon Central Africa changes it's name to Paragon Business Forms and continues to it's dominance in the country. 

Finally, 2017, Paragon Printing and Packaging is registered as part of the consolidation of exercise which saw Enterprise Press and Paragon Business Forms formally becoming a single entity. 

Throughout our history we have acquired a wealth of experience and have firmly established ourselves as the leaders in the manufacture of most printed paper products. 


To supply effective solutions to all our customers' printing, packaging and design needs. We aim to be the largest printing company in Zimbabwe, creating employment opportunities.


We aim to produce high quality, fast and affordable services. 


Committed to working with our clients and focusing on finding a tailored solution for their requirements. We are prepared to to respond quickly to tasks and deliver exceptional customer service. 

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